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Here's what we offer!

Contact Us for Pricing Details!

Because no one canine is the same, our prices do vary which is why they're not listed here.

Head over to our contact page and send us a note as to what services you and your best pal might be interested in!

Note: There is an initial assessment fee which will be added to the first massage fee

There is also a mileage fee however if you live within 30 kilometers of Keswick, ON there's no travel charge!  Distance traveled pricing does vary, please contact us to learn more!

IMPORTANT NOTE: There are times when a massage cannot be performed.  Your therapist will go over this with you during your first appointment.

But wait, THERE'S MORE!!  We offer two loyalty programmes!  Buy 4 massages and get #5 at half price!  OR buy 9 massages and get 1 FREE!!!  Contact us for more details!

One more thing!!  Do you have pet insurance??  Check to see if your coverage includes massage!  Some companies do cover your beloved friend for this!  *You* will need to remit your receipt to them if they do though, but hey - it's worth it!

Canine Swedish Massage

A nice, relaxing massage designed with strokes your canine likes.

Chances are they'll sleep the rest of the day!

Recommended age: ANY!

The younger we start with massages, the more they will enjoy them!

Canine Sports Massage

Now this is a fun one!

This massage is designed to be performed before a training session or an event.  It gets your friend's muscles all warmed up and wanting to be active!

And it will help your canine companion retain information better!

Recommended age: ANY!

Puppies will be treated differently!

Canine Hydrotherapy

It's not as scary as it sounds!

We don't put your pets in direct water unless absolutely necessary!

This is what we do: we take a flannel blanket and soak it in a bucket holding either cold water or warm water (possibly infused with epsom salts if they have been unwell).  We then lay the blanket over your friend and let them reap the benefits!

This is an ADD-ON to a swedish massage!

Recommended age: ANY!

Additional Charge

Canine Reflexology

Here we focus on your friend's hands and feet - giving them extra special attention!

This is an ADD-ON to a swedish massage!

Recommended age: ANY!

Additional Charge

Stretching Session

What could be better than a nice stretch??

Did you know that when your doggy is chasing their tail that they are actually stretching their body??

We help them stretch those muscles and then relax them with a swedish massage!

Great for the active dogs!

This is an ADD-ON to a swedish massage!

Recommended age: ANY!

Additional Charge

Colour Therapy

Active dogs relax and lethargic dogs rejoice!

Colour therapy will help your pet either settle down or become active!

But you know what is best?  It will help a canine suffering from a mental issue (such as depression, separation anxiety, and more!)

This is a FREE add-on to a swedish massage!

Great for all ages!!


Amanda has massaged both of my dogs now. My little Zoey almost falls asleep. She is so comfortable and relaxed. My big dog loves Amanda. And gets so excited to see her. Amanda has a great technique, as is very good with all types of dogs. Highly recommend! ~ Korri H.

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