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What our customers are saying

Amanda does an amazing job. Just last week my Apollo 3 year old German shepherd hurt his front leg. Called Amanda and she came by and gave him a massage which helped a lot. I was not able to figure out what he’d hurt but during his massage Amanda figured out it was his wrist. After his Knee surgery last year she came weekly and it helped him so much with his recovery. Apollo loves his massages with Amanda! Just lays there moaning in ecstasy. I’m sure he wishes she’d stay all day. So happy to have her available for my Apollo

~ Shannon K.

Amanda has massaged both of my dogs now. My little Zoey almost falls asleep. She is so comfortable and relaxed. My big dog loves Amanda. And gets so excited to see her. Amanda has a great technique, as is very good with all types of dogs. Highly recommend!

~ Korri H.

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